Bulldog Alert Car Alarm

 Bulldog Security offers vehicle owners a wide range of security systems, keyless entry systems and remote vehicle starters that are all made in America.

The Bulldog Alert 550R LCD Deluxe Two-way Remote Starter System is specially designed to offer protection to soft-top vehicles, convertibles and also cars that have open sunroofs or cars that have the windows rolled down. The small sensor can be mounted inconspicuously on the fold-down windshield visor, tailgate or console. When triggered, a ear-piercing 125db sound is emitted from the 6-tone siren and the parking lights keep flashing for about one minute.

Alert 450R Deluxe Remote Starter &T-Harness Kit for 00-04 Subaru ALL MODELS

Alert products are specially designed in such a way as to provide you the best protection and convenience available at prices that are affordable. Only installation specialists can install these specially designed alarm systems. Alert offers an entire line of remote start and security systems for vehicles. Alert uses the highest degree of integrity to manufacture its products, which are then inspected and tested using quality procedures that are rigorous.

The features of the Alert 250R Remote Starter System include 500 feet range window mount receiver, on board relays for remote start, timer control automatic start, diesel start capable (+/-), run time 5, 10, 20 & 30 minutes, (-) horn output, parking light relay and One four-button remote transmitters.

The Remote Start Ignition T-Harness is an adapter especially meant for a Subaru vehicle and it is designed to decrease the installation time of the car’s remote start by as much as 50%. The T-Harness will first plug in between the harness of the ignition switch and thereafter directly into the module of the remote start control. The T-Harness is available for the majority of the popular models of vehicles and it is not needed for remote starter installations.

Bulldog Remote Starter & T-Harness Kit for 03-06 Toyota Corolla/Toyota Matrix; 05-06 Toyota Sequoia/Toyota Rav4; 00-05 Toyota Celica/Toyota Echo/ 04-06 Toyota Solara


Bulldog Model RS82 Remote Starter System is designed to be compatible with any factory keyless transmitter. The RS82, specially meant for a Toyota vehicle  includes the following features: 1 two-button extended compact range remote transmitter, Extended range, up to 400, On-board ignition - accessory and starter relays, OE compatible - works with the supplied remote control for your factory keyless transmitter, Factory disarm output (-), Programmable tach or tachless operation (Input), Code Learning (for adding extra remotes), Ignition 2 Output (relay control), Dedicated start and stop buttons, Pit stop feature, Up to 15 minutes of run time, Parking light output (-), Security bypass output (-), installation kit and Step-by-step Instructional DVD.

Bulldog Remote Starter & T-Harness Kit for 00-02 GMC Pickup

Bulldog Deluxe 500 2-way remote Starter with Keyless Entry System offers more than thirty features that are programmable and can be used with manual as well as automatic transmission. The Bulldog Deluxe 500 includes the following features: Two-way Transceiver; One 5-Button LCD Remote Two-way Transmitter; Ignition Controlled Door locks; In-vehicle Temperature Monitor; Timer controlled Automatic Start; On- board Relays for Remote Start;  Keyless Entry and Starter Disable; Button Lock; Starter Disable Output; 5/10/20/30 Run Timer; Temperature Sensing Start; Diesel Start Capable; Step-by-step Instructional DVD

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